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We are passionate producers of iconic beer, wine and spirits brands and we are looking to support emerging brands and technologies that represent the future of the beverage alcohol industry.

At Constellation Ventures, we believe innovation is about connection. We are connecting new ideas, people, technology, and brands to move forward together in a competitive and ever-changing industry.

We look forward to broadening our connections and our horizons with you.


Without much more than a scarred wooden desk, an archaic adding machine and eight employees, Constellation’s founder, Marvin Sands, began a small bulk wine business in upstate New York more than 70 years ago. Back then, Marvin never dreamed that from this modest start his venture would eventually grow into the global total beverage alcohol company Constellation Brands is today. We’ve grown but we’ve never forgotten our roots or the values that got us here.

We know what vision, tenacity, hard work and passion can yield.

We understand the value in dreaming big.
We support smart risks and out-of-the-box thinking.
We applaud the visionaries who are shaping tomorrow’s beverage alcohol landscape.

And now we are in a position to help the next generation of entrepreneurs realize their dreams and bring their visions to life.



  • Brands that have a unique niche or point of differentiation in the market
  • Great companies looking to grow their business beyond current markets
  • Companies that will welcome Constellation Ventures as an active minority investor
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and are open to Constellation’s investment options, mentorship, and involvement in their business

Let’s work together making brands that people love! 


Constellation Ventures wants to help your business grow and can support you with our investment as well as our experience in the beverage alcohol space, our relationships within the industry and our people.

  • Beverage Alcohol experience – Constellation has a history of innovation and our research & development staff can work with you to lower COGS, extend shelf-life or consult on line extensions.  Our operations and supply-chain departments can assist with process improvements or introduce you to vendors that are trusted and knowledgeable.
  • Relationships in the industry – Our sales and marketing teams work with accounts large and small and understand the process it takes to get a product from the bottle to your consumer’s lips.  They can advise you on what works and foster introductions to decision makers in key markets and channels.
  • Partners and Constellation employees – Our network of distributors, vendors and thousands of workers can support the growth of your brand in numerous ways.  Whether it is offering category insights, talking through strategic plans or breaking into new markets, our people and partners will help build your business.
  • Investment – Constellation Ventures plans to be an active minority investor with all of our investments.  We want your enthusiasm and excitement for your brand to shine and allow you to focus on doing what you do – even better.



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